Mastering Your Coffee: How To Make Coffee Fantastic You Ever Wished!


how to make coffee fantastic

The perfect cup at your home is the most desired among the coffee lovers. Is it possible to make coffee taste as good as a barista’s? Some simple changes in your technique can turn the game. Why your coffee tastes not exactly you want? You don’t know the secret I bet. Each step of preparing your coffee: From roasting to grinding has a huge impact on your cup.

  • The first step is washing the coffee beans. It preserves the moisture along with cleaning the beans prior to roasting.
  • Should I roast coffee bean at home? This question is always rising. If you get time it is the important part and starting point to roast your own coffee bean at home. Coffee tastes great after 12 hours the beans roasted. It may be the same condition until 24 hours. Then roasted beans begin to lose its flavour. Purchasing Roasted coffee bean from marketplace cannot give you exact flavour you desire as you did it in your home for time is a matter in this process.

Roast coffee beans in your roasting machine is good way to maintain consistency. The entry good coffee roasting machine starts at $100 or you can use Cast-Iron Skillet as this cookware also does excellent work for roast beans perfectly.

  • Roast the coffee beans on high temperature as they need to burn their sugars and release gusto oils. Coffee bean roaster has its own instruction for each stage of the roast. But if you are planning to roast bean in cast-iron skillet or frying pan [select a dedicated frying pan as it will discolour for oils and sugar released from coffee beans] pre heat the pan over medium temperature and pour the beans and increase the temperature high. Immediately after pouring stir the beans without stopping. After 5-10 minutes you’ll hear the sound of first crack much like popcorn popping so it is reaching from lighter to medium roast. Gradually 2nd crack begins and it is reaching to a darker roast. You must check the colour for your desired roast level. In the whole process, don’t pause stirring the beans until you reach your preferable roast colour.
  • Next Cool the roasted beans at once you got your roast colour. Pour the beans into a colander and stir continuously until they are cool enough. Store them an airtight container and after 12-24 hours it is all prepared to grind.
  • The third part is the most important-grinding coffee beans. Do this step just before you want to make your coffee. Coffee beans need consistency while grinding and the exact and right grind size is a priority. A low quality coffee grinder can spoil your coffee though you maintain all the roasting process very well. So It is good of you to purchase an affordable, long lasting and reasonable price ideal burr coffee grinder for your personal use that produce even grind on the spot and able to get you fresh and perfect cup every time. so you will feel the great change in taste.

Coffee connoisseurs recommend Burr coffee grinders for they truly grind while blade grinders chop the beans. Different level grind is for different brew to retain the optimum flavour in your cup. Generally extra coarse grind for cold brew, coarse for French press, medium coarse chemex, medium grind for drip, medium fine for siphon and pour-over, fine for espresso, aeropress and very fine grind for Turkish coffee. Measuring your coffee beans correctly is also important. Grind what you need to brew and in this case a kitchen scale can be your aid for weighing beans accurately.

Brewing Tips!

  • First be sure you add right type of water to brew coffee. water matters in brew as 98% of your beverage is water. the quality of coffee largely depends on the amount, type of water, coffee to water ratio brew temperature, extraction time.
  • Filter water is the perfect choice to make your coffee great. normal water contains high mineral and it can kill your coffee taste totally. When you filter the water, it dispels chemicals and silts from water and makes it fresh and all prepared for excellent brew. But avoid distilled or heavily filtered water. Just be sure your water is clean enough and tastes not chemically.
  • Brew temperature affects hugely the solubility. For good extraction, the water temperature should be between195-205 degree Fahrenheit. And in manual brewing, let force the water full-boil and allow a minute to sit after turning the heat off and then pour the water into ground coffee.
  • Brew time– if the brew time is too long, it will get over extract so your coffee forms organic acid and tastes bitter. And if the brew time is too short, it will get under extraction, so coffee is caffeine rich with bitter taste and poor flavour. Different brew has different brew time as for a French press needs 2-4 time while drip takes 5 minutes. While Making your favourite espresso, be careful about time as it takes very short time approximately 20-30 seconds. cold brew is an exception in case of brew time, you definitely steep it 12 hours!In fact only trials and experiment can give you the best idea for which exact time you need to brew your coffee.
  • Coffee to water ratio– Though coffee to water ratio differs in extraction method you choose, the general ratio is 1-2 tablespoons ground coffee for 6 ounces of water.

          These are the main things you should be aware while making coffee home.


Mastering on making espresso coffee need trials. espresso is not a traditional method of preparing coffee rather a special coffee brew style. For the art of espresso beverages we have some tips so you feel expert hand on each process.

fresh coffee beans are always a prime requirement. coffee experts recommend to roast beans at home for espresso preparation poor quality and long time roasted bean will produce poor espresso. If you buy roasted bean be sure to watch on date on the pack. Four/five days to two weeks roasted bean is preferred. many people have a choice for dark roasted beans to make their favourite espresso drink. Next grind coffee bean just before espresso shot. The shorter the time between grind and brew the better the espresso. And it is conferred that  every time you grind coffee bean for each espresso shot you pull. burr coffee grinder especially conical burr is good or you can also purchase high quality espresso grinder for the best outcome.

Coffee grind size largely controls the rate of extraction and flavour. so it is the most important part. the perfect texture for espresso is to grind like flour with a little sand through it. just feel like that when you rub ground coffee in your hand.

What other requirements we need for preparing espresso:

  1. Coffee Grinder
  2. Portafilter
  3. Tamper
  4. espresso coffee maker

   How to Make an Espresso Shot

  1.  After grinding coffee bean rightly (Using high quality espresso grinder will give you best result. We recommend Rancilio Rocky coffee grinder doserless), dispel the ground coffee into portafilter. Be careful that the portafilter is clean and dry enough because contacting with moisture could start early extracting. Now dosing ground coffee on the filter should be mounted but not overdose…It is what the Americans say “up dosing” method.
  2. use your fingertip over the filter basket but do not give any pressure while you are doing it. simply remove remaining mounted coffee ground with your finger to flatten with the basket.

image how to make coffee espresso shot

  1. Next it is turn to tamping. serious coffee baristas take tamping seriously as good tamping requires experience and it is an art. Most of the coffee novices ignore this part carelessly. First, position the portafilter on a flat place. Then hold the portafilter tightly in the right hand and use your left hand to hold tamper. place the tamper to the parallel to the portafilter surface and press it down with 40 pounds pressure. In case of pump less automatic and stovetop espresso maker, tamping should be harder. now exempt the pressure and tamp second time but do not tap to the side of the filter as it creates uneven grounds. within 30 seconds tamping process should be over. remember to maintain the time as perfect espresso also depends on the time of whole process.

4. Now tie the portafilter to the group head of espresso machine(Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine is our pick for             best espresso maker). Lock it in the right position. Before making espresso, run some hot water through it to                 warm up the machine and for good shot. However, after setting the portafilter to the group head, run the                      machine to send pressurised water to the grounds. take a stopwatch and count the time. Coffee will extract                    through the filter like mouse tail and observe the colour- the best espresso shot is deep brown/reddish brown,              nice crema looks like tiny bubbles on the top. If you do not see crema then check your coffee beans if it is fresh,            properly roasted and ground.

  1. After extracting espresso coffee, unlock the portafilter and remove all the grounds from it. clean it with hot water, wipe it and now it is prepared for the next shot.

So this is the base of making espresso. if you wish you can add milk to this coffee to prepare other popular espresso drinks like  cappuccinos, caffe latte, macchiatos.

Pour-Over or Drip Brewing

Drip coffee or pour over- the most rising question among coffee aficionados. Drip coffee vs. pour over, what is the variety?

In fact Pour over is a method done manually I mean there is no use of coffee maker machine. And drip brew coffee is a type of pour over method or brewed in a coffee maker. The specialty of this two special coffee brew method generally starts from pouring hot water over the coffee grounds using filter and absorbing water for some time.

In Pour Over method, all this process completed manually. moreover, drip brew is done manually by pour over method and also in coffee maker. Follow the steps to prepare your special pour over or drip coffee manually:


  1. filter paper
  2. coffee grinder
  3. Pour Over Coffee kettle
  4. kitchen weighing scale
  5. Cone Dripper
  6. Mug or Carafe
  7. Timer

Process: How to Make Drip Coffee or Pour-over

  1. Set the kettle to Boil the water properly supposing 2 cups.
  2. In the meantime grind 25 grams of roasted coffee beans into medium coarse or medium fine coarse. This Baratza Virtuoso coffee grinder is great to grind exact grind size for drip brew. Also Cuisinart CBM-18N, Cuisinart DBM-8 would give you best result.
  3. Place the filter into cone dripper and a cup under it. we recommend to pour some boiling water into the filter and let the filter be sit that way for at least a minute and rinse filter  to avoid papery taste so that it is prepared for drip brew. next throw the used water out from the cup and filter. You can also use permanent coffee filter cone dripper so you need not worry to change filter every time you brew.make pour over coffee preparation
  4. Add ground coffee into the filter as your desired amount. Say, add 25 grams of coffee into the filter and flip it to align the surface of the ground coffee.
  5. slowly add 50 grams of boil water into the filter. Pour in such a way that the water goes through the filter in a circular motion in  the centre of the ground coffee. Do not Pour the water into the outside area of the ground coffee. Actually add sufficient water so that it fills up the coffee ground.
  6. Now let the ground coffee sit for 30-45 seconds. This time you see the ground coffee will “bloom”
  7. In the same way pour some water slowly in the centre of the coffee bed in a circular motion so ground coffee is submerged and give 45 seconds to brew. pour some water 3rd time in the same way you poured second time. Allow it to brew for 15 seconds. And pour the last remaining water and it may take time for 20 seconds. The whole process will require 3-4 minutes. So now enjoy!


Aero press is a simple coffee brewing method. Also it is time saving and easy to make this concentrated brew of coffee. Aero press coffee is made by forcing water through it under pressure, a very normal way you can do without mess unlike French press or drip or any other coffee preparation. When you have short of time, this coffee will give you excellent cup with gusto.

Roast coffee for Aero press:

The another great thing is that Aeropress goes fine with any type of coffee roast. So it is your preference which type of coffee roast you like to be tasted. No fuss, just experience it!

Grind size of Aero press:

Usually fine grind like finer than sea salt is used to make this coffee style. Conical burr coffee grinder like Baratza encore  does best result for grind coffee fine. This baratza grinder is also called all purpose grinder as it can do all the grind size well.

Aeropress Maker:

Finding right coffee maker is a difficult task. we found an Aeropress coffee maker from amazon with affordable price and for excellent aeropress brew. you get an aeropress plunger, a cap, a scoop, filters, funnel and paddle with this Aeropress coffee maker bundle.

Equipments and Ingredients:

Kettle, Aero press filter, scoop, funnel, paddle for stirring, water, Whole coffee beans, Grinder, Carafe or Mug.

Method: How to Use Aeropress

  1. Heat the water and boil but do not use boil water instantly. In aeropress brew direct boil water will make the coffee taste bitter. So after boiling let it be sit for a minute. Water temperature should be 175-195 degree.
  2. In the mean time, detach the black cap from aero press maker and put the paper filter in the bottom of the cap.
  3. Rinse the filter with hot water so that it wets filter and cap to adjust properly. Doing this also reduces any papery flavour going into your coffee. Though hard to hold the small cap, ensure you do it placing it over a Mug or carafe and pour the hot water slowly.
  4. Take the brewing chamber and twist the filter cap into the bottom of the brewing chamber to set it tightly. Then place it on a carafe or mug or cup whatever you want.
  5. Bring the whole coffee bean and grind until the texture is fine. Though how much coffee you will grind depends on your preference, the overall right amount is 15 grams of coffee for one/two cups.Aeropress preparing how to use a aeropress to make coffee
  6. place the funnel on the chamber and add ground coffee through it.
  7. Add hot water(not boiling directly, temperature  to the coffee grounds(use double amount of water than ground coffee say if you use 15 grams coffee the water is 30 grams). First pour some hot water and stir with a paddler or a spoon to settle the grounds and wait 30 seconds. Then Add the remaining hot water so that it fill the chamber. leave it for 10 seconds and then stir quickly the whole preparation 10 times
  8. Now insert the plunger on the brew chamber and steadily press the plunger downwards. Do it until a hissing sound is heard that is no water is left in the chamber to push through and coffee brew is complete.[ notice that when you push the plunger if it is too easy. It is because grind coffee is too coarse. And if you feel very hard to push the plunger, because coffee grind is too fine].
  9. Next taste the coffee if you need more water to add. One or two cups of coffee can be made with an aero press maker. After completing the process, shoving the inside a inch, you can pop out the filter.


The two types percolator coffee maker – electric and non-electric or stovetop percolator you can make coffee. Stovetop percolator is basically used in camping or if you have gas stove at your home.

A Percolator is a pot consisting a chamber at the bottom, a plumb tube, a percolated chamber or filter basket on the tube-here the ground coffee is kept. While boiling water in the pot, water is forced to go up the tube over the grounds and goes back and the process continues until the coffee is prepared.

Coffee type for Percolator:

In percolator coffee becomes over extracted for boiling several times and so the taste feels bitter. So choose smooth and low acidic coffee. Medium roasted coffee bean is best for percolator as light roast may lose subtleties while boiling and dark roast will bitter your coffee for several boiling process.

Grind Size For Percolator:

To make coffee in a percolator, grind coffee bean in coarse. Some also says that even coarser grind is good for percolator. We choose Breville smart coffee grinder for smart grind choice.

Percolator coffee Maker:

While purchasing Percolator coffee maker, make sure that you do not buy aluminium pot because aluminium components may leach in your coffee. So instead, using stovetop stainless steel coffee maker with glass bubble on the handle will be nice.

How To Make Coffee in Percolator:

  1. Before use clean properly all the components of your percolator with dishwashing liquid, hot water and you can use long brush or pipe cleaner to clean the inside of coffee maker.
  2. Pour the normal fresh and filtered water in the pot. the amount of water should be below the top chamber.image on how to make coffee in percolator perfect
  3. Fit the tube and chamber properly, pour coffee grounds in the chamber (the amount is one tablespoon per cup)and place it in the pot. Tightly put the cover of the ground basket and right place the lid on the pot.
  4. place the percolator on the stove( if you use stovetop percolator especially at the time of camping and if you use electric percolator switch on the maker). On stove top percolator the heat should be low. when the hot water hits the glass bubble on the top, and it is perked, turn the heat down. [ the general water temperature for percolator is 195-200 degree F. on electric percolator, it will automatically stop the heat while it is perked]
  5. Park time 3-7 minutes is best and then remove the pot immediately from heat source and let it sit for some times for sinking the loose grounds  to the bottom.
  6. Your percolator is ready! Pour your coffee, add sugar and cream as your wish and enjoy!


French Press: How to Use

Make coffee in French press is less messy and easy than other coffee brew. Though some wrong type brew can destroy your coffee taste and that turns into almost bitter.

Coffee Grind:

Coarser ground coffee is best for French press making. If grounds coffee is finer, you will feel excessive force to low the plunger. Again it becomes over-extract and at last bitter taste not worth to drink. We will use Bodum Bistro electric coffee grinder for coarser grind. All type of grind is suitable in this bodum grinder.

Coffee maker:

Coffee maker selection for French press is somewhat crucial. However our choice is Kona French press coffee maker able to prepare coffee for 8 cups. We get best quality carafe and stainless steel inside the coffee maker. Above all it is most easy to use even you are newbie!!


  1. Fresh roasted coffee bean
  2. Measuring Spoon/chopstick
  3. Bodum Bistro coffee grinder
  4. POUR OVER Coffee Kettle
  5. SterlingPro French Coffee Press
  6. Timer

Process: How to make coffee in a french press:

We will make 4 cup French press coffee. So take 5 tablespoon of coffee and 400gm water. In fact, you need to follow coffee to water ratio 1:15(some find 1:10 ratio works great! experiment is yours!) that is 1 gm of coffee is for 15gm of water.

  1. Measure 400 gram of water and start boiling.
  2. Pre heat the coffee maker with plunger
  3. Grind coarser most like kosher salt in a coffee grinder
  4. Put the coffee into the press; shake the maker to arrange ground coffee properly.use aFrench press for coffee beverage
  5. when the water started boiling, take it off and keep it for 20 seconds and then pour water into the ground coffee in a circular motion so that the press is half full. make sure all the grounds are wet properly.
  6. Here take the timer and set it to 4 minutes. In 30 seconds stir the grounds gently with chopstick in the press.  You will see the bloom of bubbles for some dry grounds. Add the rest of the water and place the plunger but do not  push the plunger this moment cause your 4 minutes time is not yet over.
  7. After the time is over, push the plunger down slowly and immediately serve. enjoy!
Warning! Do not leave the coffee brew in the press after You have made all the process I mean after pushing plunger, do not wait to serve. Do it just that moment otherwise it will become over-extract and give you bitter taste.


Cold Brew: what is cold brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee with whipped cream and sweet taste bring you the comfort in the summer. Many become oversight thinking cold brew coffee as iced coffee. But this two coffee preparation has good difference in the method, flavour and process. Cold brew is brewed in cold water and then steeped for long time and filtered while iced coffee is prepared with hot water and ice is poured over.

Coffee grind size for cold Brew:

Freshly ground coffee tastes better in this type of brew. Coarse setting in your grinder is best for cold brew. Though any coffee grinder would go fine for making coffee for cold brew, Capresso infinity burr grinder could be best choice for coarse grind.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker:

Make coffee with the best cold brew coffee maker and feel the real flavour of cold brew. Filtron Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewer is our first pick for cold brew preparation.


  1. one pound of Fresh roasted coffee bean
  2. Capresso Infinity coffee grinder for coarse grind
  3. 2 litre of water
  4. Filtron cold water concentrate brewer
  5. Flat Bottom Funnel Shaped Filters

Method of making cold brew coffee

  1. Adjust the filtron rubber cap underneath the maker in the hole
  2. Take the wool filter, wet the filter and place that at the bottom in the wheel-shaped jag rightly on a level
  3. Now set the flat bottom filter in the cold brew maker evenly
  4. Grind one of coffee bean into coarse. Do not grind it coarser or too fine as coffee extraction mostly depends on right size of ground coffee.
  5. Add coffee grounds to the filter and hitch them for right levelwhat is cold brew coffee nad making cold brew method
  6. Add 2 litre of water to the grounds slowly in a circular motion and plunge the grounds with a spoon or butter knife
  7. Now set the plastic disc filter on the filter and on it fix the plastic top component
  8. Steep it for 12 hours in room temperature not in fridge.
  9. When the 24 hours is over, place the filtron coffee maker over a carafe and put out the rubber cap from the bottom very quickly and you see coffee flowing through the carafe. Place it carefully and wait until the whole process ends.
  10. Serve with cream and ice if you like and enjoy!


what is Iced Coffee:

Iced coffee is brewed with hot water as usual other coffee preparation method and chill it pouring ice over it. What I said earlier that iced coffee is not cold brew coffee.  It requires a different method and in the taste you will also feel difference. When cold brew coffee is brewed in room temperature, iced coffee is prepared with hot water and then cools it. Furthermore, the time span for making cold brew is too long where iced coffee is a quick brew process. In fact iced coffee can be made in various ways depending on your taste. Cold brew process is one kind of iced coffee preparations. But not all iced coffee is equipped through cold brew method. Hope you are clear the difference between them. Well, we will show you how to make coffee I mean some iced coffee making process.

How To make iced coffee Fast:

Basic Iced Coffee:  In basic iced coffee, make a tall glass of coffee with a coffee maker as usual you make with hot water-same process. Add sugar in hot brew coffee and then mix some ice cube with the hot coffee to cool it down. But if you want cooler, leave the coffee with ice for 15 minutes in room temperature and the keep it in your fridge. You can also do this whole process in your drip coffee brewer or get  Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot or Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Instead of a glass or cup when you need more coffee to drink. Next if you need more ice, add them to your coffee. Add cream or milk you need and also sugar. Taste it and sip the glass before the ice cube to pmake iced coffee

Instant Iced coffee:

Load a glass with 400 grams ground coffee and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Boil the water and add 5/5 tablespoon of hot water to the mixture of coffee and sugar… stir the mixture with water so that it properly dissolved in water. It will seem strong coffee but when you will add ice it will be less stronger-do not worry. Here now add couple of ice cubes in the mixture and stir. The ice cubes will be starting melt. Now add more ice cubes. If you prefer light iced coffee add few ice cubes and if you choose regular iced coffee, add ice cube until it almost fills the glass. The ice cubes will start melting now. Then add cream half and half. If you need lighter iced coffee, you can add some cold water in it. And stir the beverage and take it for drink!

How To Make Turkish Coffee:

Turkish coffee is mainly introduced by Turkish as their cultural heritage. Gradually it becomes popular among the coffee fans. Actually Turkish coffee is an unfiltered coffee simmered in a pot to settle the grounds. First you need medium-roasted coffee beans and grind coffee bean into very fine almost like talcum powder. Turkish hand grinder would be great for fine ground coffee. Another you need Turkish coffee maker-…….pot ibrik

Ingredients and Equipments:

  1. medium roasted coffee beans
  2. Turkish hand grinder for very fine grind
  3. Water
  4. milk(optional)
  5. sugarmake turkish coffee easily with ibrik pot


  1. Grind medium-roasted coffee bean into extra fine
  2. Add one tablespoon of ground coffee  in the ibrik( per quarter cup of coffee) and then add sugar(follow your taste)
  3. Pour a cup(Turkish cup) of cold water into it. Here you can add other spices if you wish to get flavour-You may add ground cardamom, nut mug, cinnamon, clove by 1/8 tablespoon
  4. Use a fork to mix coffee and spices with water them very well
  5. Set the ibrik pot on the heat, low the heat and watch. But do not stir the mixture
  6. When it will start to bubble and reach the edge of the pot, take it away from the heat and pour all the coffee with grounds in a Turkish cup or a small cup
  7. Wait sometime to settle the grounds in the cup and now you are to go for the excellent perfect Turkish coffee.

Here is the infographic to make your all coffee preparation easy and comfortable. Hope you like it!

make coffee like coffee master

Mastering Your Coffee: How To Make Coffee Fantastic You Ever Wished!
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Mastering Your Coffee: How To Make Coffee Fantastic You Ever Wished!
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