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  1. All-purpose grinder with 40 easy grind settings from coarse to fine
  2. Grinds very consistent for manual brew including any of your brewing method
  3. A nice bundle pack having a grinder, a digital kitchen scale, and a coffee bean dusting brush
  4. Pulse front-mounted button for direct brewing
  5. Easy on/off switch
  6. An affordable, high-quality burr grinder
  7. Require a small space on your kitchen countertop.


  1. Get clogged with very oily dark beans. You can use the medium-dark bean for this grinder or grind less than 20 grams at a time.
  2. No portafilter
  3. No timer
  4. A little noisy comparably other burr grinders but not so as you think as a blade one
  5. Inconsistent grind in espresso and coffee press settings
  6. Somewhat messy


If you want to have a quality, all-purpose burr grinder, Baratza encore conical burr grinder is your best option. I will suggest this super grinder only when It can meet your all needs. While buying a grinder, first of all, focus on your habit. Which coffee brewing you are accustomed to. Does Baratza encore offer you the exact grind for your chosen coffee preparation? Then comes the quality of your grinder. And next, you think of your spending money. Now, If all the things go with Baratza encore, then it is your perfect grinder. And we checked many customers' opinions who mostly recommend it for manual brew like a drip, Aeropress, siphon, etc.

Baratza Encore Review

Have you ever wished you could’ve a grinder for both manual brewing and espresso? Well, now you have it. Start with your morning with Baratza encore conical burr grinder. It is a great versatile grinder for your favorite Chemex, drip or pour-over, cold brew, French press, siphon, or Aeropress, that is, all of the popular manual brewing methods. And yes, it has a grind setting for espresso too( though a good espresso grinder should be your right choice if you love to brew excellent daily espresso)! Whether you are new in the coffee world or exhausted with your blade grinder and want to plan to try another, It is your best option. So let’s go through our Baratza Encore review to explore why coffee connoisseurs are recommending this coffee grinder highly.

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Why Baratza Encore Best? 

Baratza encore brings all the things you need for your consistent and fine, precise grind. A bundle package (combining baratza burr grinder, digital pocket scale, and dusting brush), 40 accessible grind settings, large removable bean hopper, single cup or any amount grind, quick front-mounted pulse button, easy on-off switch, large ground bean pot, quite an operation, solid design, automatically resetting circuitry and a powerful DC motor gives the grinder a unique identity. And more, it is easy to use and clean as well as looks excellent with little space on your kitchen counter.

Here is a video for you to know Baratza Encore more visually-


A lovely package you get with Baratza Encore

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You will like Baratza encore most for that bundle. This useful addition makes your work easy and lets you feel comfortable with spending money. That smart digital slim pocket scale, you can weigh roasted beans or ground coffee pot. Another I love is that fine dusting brush with a robust handle and yellow bristles. Just enjoy your grind!

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Essential grind adjustment

Baratza encore got more settings and consistent grind, which is A-1 matter to every serious coffee lover. Its 40 precise grind settings are so easy to adjust, and they give you different grind sizes for each of your brewing methods. After-all, Baratza is capable of meeting all your demands as an entry-level grinder.

40 baratza encore grinder settings

Easy removable bean hopper

bean hopper removable and large enough for baratza encore coffee grinder

I also like that large hopper enough for 8 oz of the bean. You can easily remove it when you need it. Just rotate the hopper counter-clockwise, and it’s done. It’s of great pleasure that you will ‘be able to grind any amount of coffee with this grinder. If you desire to have a single cup only for you or a full pot, it is that grinder. Actually, it may not be a problem even with one scoop of beans!

Front-mounted pulse button

baratza encore grinder manual front pulse button

Baratza encore includes a distinct function- a front-mounted pulse button, in the case; you want a quick grind into your brewing basket. Pressing this front-mounted pulse button, you can grind on your demand and directly pass your ground beans into your brewing machine without a mess.

On/Off Switch

Another feather for I like Baratza encore burr; it’s got an easy on-off switch. Whenever I think that my coffee beans are ground enough, I can turn off the switch with one touch.

on off switch baratza encore manual


Nice ground Bean Catcher

Like other burr grinders, Baratza also has a beautiful ground pot with the ground bin capacity of 5 oz or 142 g. Easily removable, and you can weigh the precise amount of ground coffee bin placing the container on that smart digital kitchen scale.

ground bean catcher baratza encore


Smooth & Consistent Grind

As a burr grinder, Baratza encore conical burr run comparatively quiet while grinding. A little loud sound produces when it operates, but so smoothly it grinds, seems to be a very expensive grinder. And that low sound can’t be such an important matter if you ask me as it works excellent with a consistent, fine, smoothly grind that offers you the best flavor ever.

Best Grind for Manual Brew

Note: Baratza Encore home grinder shows its’ perfect grind for manual brew


Some Cons You Should Know Before Buying Baratza Encore

But, like any other grinders, Baratza encore has its bugs. It does mess with the oily dark beans. You can use the medium-dark bean. And if you cannot help but do with these oily beans, using less than 20 grams may not be a problem. Though you will find grind settings for espresso and coffee press, the consistency in those settings is not as excellent as that of manual brew.

Other functions i.e., a porta-filter, a timer, or an auto dosing system that can not be found in this Baratza encore.

Manual: Setting up The Baratza Encore Grinder

 Customer Reviews 

Amazon is your great place to have any product securely. Overall the customer reviews on Amazon are positive.

One user claims to have this Baratza encore over a year suggesting not looking for others.

Another says he’s ordered his second Baratza as much he likes it.

But there are few points raised they do not like. One replies that the grinding sound is somewhat loud.

Another customer complaints about static electricity can cause a mess.

But what I think it is a machine, alright? In all the things you will not find the defectless. It is not smart thinking to leave this grinder merely remembering these some simple cons. I will recommend this Baratza encore avoiding all these slight disadvantages as it fulfills all the essential functions of a mill.

For some of your problems you can also see

this superb Baratza encore conical grinder is a great home grinder to make you feel great in a home with your best cup of coffee.

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Where to buy

Why I prefer Amazon for it fulfills any order promptly, and their delivery is also quick. And if you have any problems with your product, just inform them, and they take their responsibility. So many positive comments from the buyers make me feel here safe in any kind of purchase.

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