Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder Review

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Smart looking

Less static or produce less grind dust

Easy to use

Directly grinds into portafilter and also container


Sometimes grind inconsistently

Work bad with dark oily beans

Cheap plastic gears and not replaceable

Regular clean after using oily beans otherwise jammed



This breville machine can be a good choice for your home. Coffee enthusiast will find it valuable and best suited if they are conscious of some things. You should not grind much at a time, only grind that amount what you need to brew. Oily beans always creates clogging so if you are using French roast, choice another heavy duty grinder as it couldn’t function so well with oils. Otherwise i call it a fine grinder for home use.


  Breville coffee grinder review

As the name suggest, it is really a smart grinder for coffee connoisseur. Especially Breville smart grinder brings forward to you an automatic dosing IQ technology that let you adjust each dose automatically each time for your any grind setting set up. Now it is simply easy to get exact amount of your grinds whichever grind setting you select.

Beyond this special feature, Breville BCG800XL seems to be rich with its 25 crucial grind settings, hands free grinding system, 1 pound of bean hopper removable and easy for storage, stainless steel conical burr and smart looking LCD screen. Also this smart Breville offers you to add some accessories like one large and one small portafilter cradles, sealed grind canister and burr cleaning brush.

All interesting and essential feature apart Brevile Smart Grinder from other grinders on the market. Now let’s throw the light on the lucid features in details.

Dosing IQ and manual adjustment

If you want a perfect cup of coffee, ask all coffee masters, they will tell you the need of exact amount of fresh ground coffee. And Breville smart grinder is unique with its automatic dosing system. Now you need not be troubled with what amount you should grind per cup. Oh you are not satisfied with that amount? Let me inform you it has also manual adjustment supposing you need much or less grind. Certainly they are very conscious of your personal taste.


Hands free grind

Another best option you get if you desire to grind directly into your porta-filter or filter basket. It puts up with your hands free grinding very well. Breville has a choice for you if you want to add any portafilter. Two portafilter cradles they are ready to deliver. Preference is yours what type you wish for- a 58mm large portafilter or 50/54mm small one or both?

Grind setup

Coffee preparation depends on different size of grind as taste varies from man to man. Hence Breville BCG800XL introduces precise 25 grind settings that allow from coarsest to fine setup. In fact, these fine settings expressly offer you French press, percolator, drip and espresso.

Bean Hopper and Ground Can

Do you expect your grinder should have air-tight with smart locking system and easily storage ground canister? So this is your right grinder. You can store up to 1 pound of coffee bean in the hopper and you can remove it if you want to store as it has air tight lid and lock system. Another you find a good ground catcher with cord for easy storage.

LCD light

What the more you get from Breville is LCD screen- smart looking and cool feature? It soothes your eyes showing your grind settings, amount and number of shots or cups.


Some Things You Should know

Some customer face problem with clogging. And it always occurs when you use dark oily beans. You see that dark beans often create difficulty in almost all costly grinders. Though other roasted beans get a clogging problem after 2 or 3 years of use as the buyer reported. There is a way they suggest to replace the upper burr after ½ years of use.

What the buyers report about Customer support is that their service is somewhat poor.

Motor can be sometimes stopped. In this case be sure that you correctly press start/cancel button or switch on the portafilter activation button properly. Actually it may occur if you press the button incorrectly.

Gears seem like grinding but no coffee grind is coming down? Did you check bean hopper may be you left no beans in hopper? So first fill the hopper with coffee beans. Your bean hopper may be having been blocked. If it is try totally removing the hopper, burrs and replace them. And look if it is ok. Also make sure about rightly pressing the start button or portafilter switch.

Few buyers complain that time to time noise and smell comes while grinding. Check the chute if you fall such problem. See is it blocked? So remove all- hopper and burrs and then clean grind outlet, upper burr, lower burr, replace it and then look noise is very high now?

It may not be suitable for espresso or French press and so oily beans but some claims it goes well without mess with espresso to French press.

Few of them tell that dosing doesn’t work well after several months use.

 Overall I scored  3.oo for this Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder with some fine features and moderate price. 




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Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder Review

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