KRUPS F2037051 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Blade

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  1. Multipurpose grinder for coffee, spices, nuts and other hard substances
  2. Very economical
  3. Easy one touch operation
  4. Oval shaped makes pouring the grind very comfortable
  5. Safety lid protection
  6. Good capacity
  7. Small size
  8. More Consistent grind than normal blade grinders
  9. Long lasting


  1. Cleaning is rather difficult in regular spices grind. Uncooked rice can be a nice way.
  2. Occasionally severe smells comes while grinding
  3. Definitely not for espresso


Coffee connoisseurs will find this versatile grinder great for both coffee and spices. If are not so much finical for your coffee, your choice to use this grinder is right. You will not find blade grinders as good as burr grinders but this Krups grinder serves you with good quality than other blade grinders. Versatility, inexpensive and with small footprint on your countertop, Krups coffee and spice grinder is indeed an admirable one.


Krups f2037051 brings to you altogether an exclusive feature – both coffee grind and spices or even whole grain grind! The stainless steel blade makes it secure for long lasting even if you use it for nuts, spices or whole grinds.

This beautiful oval shaped fast touch coffee plus spices electric grinder is built in the realization for the demand of the customers that offers high performance and good quality. The key features will certainly draw your attention. Let’s talk about them

 Some specialty of KRUPS F2037051 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder

  1. Krups f203 blade grinder is capable to grind about for 12 cups coffee in seconds and more 20 cups at one time
  2. Lovely oval shaped design makes you ease on pouring coffee grinds
  3. Equally grinds well with spices, nuts and full amount of grains
  4. Stainless steel blade spin coffee beans uniformly
  5. 200 watt motor helps you in fast grinding
  6. This versatile anywhere portable grinder is much fitting to your kitchen counter for its beautiful small footprint.

Details of these overall features will lead you know more of this coffee grinder. So have a look to them how really they good from this krups f203 review.


Versatile Coffee & Spice Grinder

Why krups coffee and spice grinder is called a versatile grinder? Notice its name. Yes, multiple tasks you can do with this krups grinder. You will give the value to a blade grinder in comparison with a burr grinder in the case that a blade grinder is capable to chop almost everything. No difference with Krups blade grinder, the same work does, grinds fine on medium order and excellent with any kind of coffee except you are most fastidious in your coffee style.

It is also expert in slicing any spices like herbs, nuts or seeds that is good for chopping any kind of hard things.

KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Blades, 3-Ounce, Black  


Stainless steel Blade

Stainless steel blades are hardy and give long lifetime guaranty. Actually krups coffee grinder shows its bold feature introducing an oval shaped blade design that gives you uniform grind.

The main advantage of a blade grinder that i said before is you can grind anything with it. And stainless steel blades are more advanced in it just not only for grind but consistent grind. Now grind is easy with dry seeds, hard nuts and other spices with this excellent stainless steel blade.

Grind Capacity

Though krups coffee and spice grinder is small in size, it can hold a good amount of coffee grind. It will not let you fall in trouble to grind around 12 cup worth- so nice and good capacity it has!

So all time feel comfortable to grind for full of guys or only for you. This will easily serve you a single cup or full pot up to 12 cups.

And this fast touch grinder having its powerful 200 watt motor and stainless steel blades offers a fast grinding and ensure almost 75 gram capacity so that you meet your everyday need without stress. Moreover it has safety switch, so feel safe with Krups grinder when you run it. Here is the video review from Bean Ground:


Some question you may inquire

Is it long lasting?

Some customers claim it last more than 10 years, some are using for 2/3 years without any problem. In fact it depends how much you use it in a day.

Clean is easy?

Not so hard. Clean with a wet cloth and brush. Don’t sink them into water but you can wash lid easily in the sink. Some raw rice grind may your cleaning more easy.

Which power supply it supports?

This Krups machine is 120v. It will not support 220v but will work with power convertor.

Can it grind walnut or almond?

Yes, it is. Some customers say that dry almonds do very good grind almost into a powder.

Where is it made?


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KRUPS F2037051 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder

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