Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill Review

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3/5 on November 7, 2016

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  1. Cusinart DBM-8 is a stainless steel finish with plastic hopper and ground canister
  2. Offers uniform grins and excellent flavour
  3. 8 ounce bean hopper that is removable and easily cleaned
  4. One-touch start button
  5. 1-18 cup selector gives precise amount of grind
  6. Automatic ally shuts off after fulfilling grind direction
  7. Heavy motor
  8. Available cord storage



  1. Finer grind setting is not so standard for espresso or Turkish but more appropriate for French press or drip brewing.
  2. Static problem creates clutter
  3. The ground container is difficult to slide back into its right place



Attractive outline, lots of precious features and very low cost price will give this dbm-8 grinder a great value. From the price point and considering all features and for excellent drip coffee or French press it would be much better product for you.


Cuisinart DBM-8 may be your admirable home coffee grinder for the diversity of tastes. This smart automatic supreme grind burr mill is popular for variety of choice from fine to extra coarse for your each different flavour.

Cuisinart DBM-8 has a pleasing structure with its other valuable features

  1. It provides you 18 grind settings from extra coarse to fine, so you may easily brew for your favourite coffee from espresso to French press
  2. Heavy duty motor supplies regular flaw of grind and keeps the grinder active constantly
  3. Cuisinart dbm-8 offers uniform and quality grinding as the burr plates perform good in preserving flavour by removing coffee bean oils
  4. 4-18 cups simple slide controls the amount of coffee grind per cup and ensure precise grind
  5. Auto shut-off system according to your direction
  6. Grind chamber is airtight with lid that makes it easy to pour the ground coffee into the coffee pot
  7. Cuisinart dbm-8 cleanup is easy as the hopper, chmber and burrs are removable.


This stainless steel finish elegant burr grinder has some other options need to know in details. I will step by step delineate you the most important features of Cuisinart DBM-8.

Automatic Burr Mill

Cuisinart dbm-8 discharge the maximum flavour with sweet aroma in each grind option whether you prefer French press or other coffee brews. Just turn the hopper in your right setting, select the amount of cup and touch the start button and it automatically grind beans and shuts off. What you will find is that your cool coffee full of best flavour.


Grind time

Cuisinart dbm-8 automatic coffee grinder offers you 18 medium, coarse and fine settings with 6 options per settings. However, the ground canister is capable to hold up to 32 cups. Say more, in medium setting cuisinart grinds around 12 cups per 40 seconds or 18 cups per 55 second. In fine setting, it may differ in selecting number of cups; probably higher number of cups can do well. On the opposite, in coarse setup the larger number of cups may be best. Actually time and number of cups depends on your personal tastes and preference. Do some experiment and you can grind like a champ!

     How to clean?

  1. First remove the plug from outlet
  2. The hopper, canister and burrs are dishwasher safe so you can wash them with dishwasher
  3. Be sure the parts are not in bottom self
  4. Clean the grinder base with wet cloth and don’t sink it in water or any liquid
  5. Wash grind release place with a brush

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