Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder Review

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Commercial burr grinder

Very durable

Uniform grinding

Portafilter for direct brewing

Long time grind

Inexpensive than other espresso grinders



Doser less grinder

Grinder switch is somewhat complex to operate

Few notches inside the hopper let coffee beans any time stick to them.




Rancilio  SD Rocky  may be called the most inexpensive coffee grinder if you want to have a espresso grinder. And what more it does that it can also grind for drip and French press which you’ll find difficult in any espresso grinder. If you are really an espresso lover, you’ll find a great difference if you used any other grinder before.



Rancilio Rocky doserless coffee grinder review:Best Espresso Coffee Grinder

 Good news for espresso lover! Do you ever yearn for especially designed espresso grinder? We know very well that espresso does not go very well with other common grinders. This case Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky grinder can be your wise choice.

Rancilio SD Rocky,one of the best entry level commercial grade grinders  assuring you maximum value for your daily fresh full flavour espresso coffee.

Key Features of Rancilio SD Rocky Grinder:

  1. Rancilio Rocky offers you high quality 50mm grinding burrs that you will find in all commercial grinders.
  2. Strong enough for long time grinding
  3. A nice porta filter option with a removable metal fork to help you to place the filter in right position.
  4. A 166 watt very powerful motor that spin at 1725 RPM’s.
  5. Sounds much quiet when it grinds your coffee beans
  6. Simple and easy grind settings
  7. Nice bean hopper that holds more than ½ pound of your coffee bean keeping your coffee bean fresh whenever you grind
  8. Long life time


Let’s know them details


Rancilo SD Rocky coffee grinder is really cares for the quality. This entry level commercial coffee grinder is illuminated with supercilious burrs capable of grinding your coffee to fine powder and coarse if you like. Either you use for home or shop, it runs per hour around 7.7 lbs. You say that Rancilio SD is a very good grinder for long time grind.



Altering the grind settings is simple. You can turn the setup by twisting hopper or undo of the lever. Rancilio gratifies your demand on making good espress each time.



Another considerable feature of Rancilio SD Rocky is that it every time meets your demand on direct brewing into espresso basket. In addition, you get a metal fork for your convenience in holding the filter in right position. If you choose, you can also remove that port.


Some other inquiries you may want to know

  1. Rancilio Rocky SD supports 110V 140W 50/60Hz
  2. The hopper is not removable and is made of plastic without any seal. So it would be better to store your coffee beans another air tight container.
  3. Easy to clean, no mess at all
  4. This Rancilio model is doserless but has another Rancilio with a doser
  5. If you want a double shot of espresso, 12 second it may take
  6. Also you can grind for French press and drip in its coarse and medium settings
  7. You have to hold the switch whole time when the grinder is grinding
  8. It is shaped in Italy



Important issues owners of Rancilio SD Rocky deal with

Compared to other commercial grinders, Rancilio burrs are smaller

Screw holes in the hopper creates problem as coffee bean stuck in it

While alternating grind setting, it sometimes clogs the hopper that makes trouble in turning it properly but with the same constant grind adjustment it is of no issue.

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Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder Review

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