How to Use an Aeropress to Make Coffee

Aeropress preparing how to use a aeropress to make coffee

Aero press is a simple coffee brewing method. Also, it is time-saving and easy to make this concentrated brew of coffee. Aero press coffee is made by forcing water through it under pressure, a very usual way you can do without mess, unlike French press or drip and any other coffee preparation. When you have a short time, this coffee will give you an excellent cup with gusto.

Roast coffee for Aero press:

Another great thing is that Aeropress goes fine with any type of coffee roast. So it is your preference which type of coffee roast you like to be tasted. No fuss, just experience it!

Grind size of Aero press:

Usually, fine grind like finer than sea salt is used to make this coffee style. Conical burr coffee grinders like Baratza encore do the best result for grinding coffee fine. This baratza grinder is also called an all-purpose mill, as it can do all the grind size well.

Aeropress Maker:

Finding the right coffee maker is a difficult task. We found an Aeropress coffee maker from amazon at affordable prices and for excellent Aeropress brew. You get an Aeropress plunger, a cap, a scoop, filters, funnel, and paddle with this Aeropress coffee maker bundle.

Pieces of equipment and Ingredients:

Kettle, Aero press filter, scoop, funnel, paddle for stirring, water, Whole coffee beans, Grinder, Carafe, or Mug.

Method: Brew with Aeropress

  1. Heat the water and boil but do not use boiling water instantly. In Aeropress brew, direct boil water will make the coffee taste bitter. So after boiling, let it sit for a minute. The water temperature should be 175-195 degrees.
  2. In the meantime, detach the black cap from the aero press maker and put the paper filter in the bottom of the cap.
  3. Rinse the filter with hot water so that it wets the filter and cap to adjust appropriately. Doing this also reduces any papery flavor going into your coffee. Though hard to hold the small-cap, ensure you do it placing it over a Mug or carafe and pour the hot water slowly.
  4. Take the brewing chamber and twist the filter cap into the bottom of the brewing chamber to set it tightly. Then place it in a carafe or mug or cup whatever you want.
  5. Bring the whole coffee bean and grind until the texture is fine. Though how much coffee you will grind depends on your preference, the right overall amount is 15 grams of coffee for one/two cups.
  6. Place the funnel on the chamber and add ground coffee through it.
  7. Add hot water(not boiling directly, temperature to the coffee grounds(use double the amount of water than ground coffee say if you use 15 grams coffee the water is 30 grams). First, pour some hot water and stir with a paddler or a spoon to settle the grounds and wait 30 seconds. Then add the remaining hot water so that it fills the chamber. leave it for 10 seconds and then stir quickly the whole preparation 10 times
  8. Now insert the plunger on the brew chamber and steadily press the plunger downwards. Do it until a hissing sound is heard that no water is left in the chamber to push through, and the coffee brew is complete.[ notice that when you push the plunger if it is too easy. It is because grind coffee is too coarse. And if you feel tough to push the plunger, because the coffee grind is too fine].
  9. Next, taste the coffee if you need more water to add. One or two cups of coffee can be made with an aero press maker. After completing the process, shoving the inside an inch, you can pop out the filter.

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