Pour-Over or Drip Brewing?

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Drip coffee or pour over- the most rising question among coffee aficionados. Drip coffee vs. pour-over, what is the variety?

In fact, Pour over is a method done manually. I mean, there is no use of a coffee maker machine. And drip brew coffee is a type of pour over process or brewed in a coffee maker. The specialty of these two particular coffee brew methods generally starts from pouring hot water over the coffee grounds using a filter and absorbing water for some time.

In the pour Over, all this process is completed manually. Moreover, drip brew is done manually by the pour-over method and also in a coffee maker. Follow the steps to prepare your special pour over or drip coffee manually:


  1. filter paper
  2. coffee grinder
  3. Pour Over Coffee kettle
  4. kitchen weighing scale
  5. Cone Dripper
  6. Mug or Carafe
  7. Timer

Process: How to Make Drip Coffee or Pour-over

  1. Set the kettle to Boil the water properly, supposing 2 cups.
  2. In the meantime, grind 25 grams of roasted coffee beans into medium-coarse or medium-fine coarse. This Baratza Virtuoso coffee grinder is great to grind exact grind size for drip-brew. Also, Cuisinart CBM-18N, Cuisinart DBM-8, would give you the best result.
  3. Place the filter into a cone dripper and a cup under it. We recommend to pour some boiling water into the filter and let the filter sit that way for at least a minute and rinse the filter to avoid papery taste so that it is prepared for drip-brew. Next, throw the used water out from the cup and filter. You can also use a permanent coffee filter cone dripper, so you need not worry about changing the filter every time you brew.
  4. Add ground coffee into the filter as your desired amount. Say, add 25 grams of coffee into the filter and flip it to align the surface of the ground coffee.
  5. Slowly add 50 grams of boil water into the filter. Pour in such a way that the water goes through the filter in a circular motion in the center of the ground coffee. Do not pour the water into the outside area of the ground coffee. Actually, add sufficient water so that it fills up the coffee ground.
  6. Now let the ground coffee sit for 30-45 seconds. This time you see the ground coffee will “bloom.”
  7. In the same way, pour some water slowly in the center of the coffee bed in a circular motion, so ground coffee is submerged and gives 45 seconds to brew. Pour some water 3rd time in the same way you poured the second time. Allow it to ferment for 15 seconds. And pour the last remaining water, and it may take time for 20 seconds. The whole process will require 3-4 minutes. So now enjoy it!

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