Baratza Encore vs Capresso Infinity

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Baratza Encore & Capresso Infinity [Features at a Glance]

Compare which is the best in each point


The Grind and The Brew 

At a glance, the most noticeable difference between Baratza encore and Capresso Infinity is its grind settings. Baratza encore features 40 different settings that ranges from coarse to fine and very fine.

And More, when you come to the desire setting for your favourite brewing method, it has more option to find yours besides this 40 grind adjustment. Because it offers several extenders to add to it if you need.

Capresso Infinity, on the other hand, offers 16 grind settings for fine, extra fine, coarse and regular grind and each category has 4 class. They are perfect but if you wish, It cann’t serve you any other manual options like you get Baratza Encore.

Baratza Encore is basically able to grind very well for  all of your popular manual brewing method and Capresso Infinity gives you best drip brew grind along with Turkish, espresso, percolator or French press.


  Baratza Encore Grind Setup                          Capresso Infinity Grind Setup


Choice: Based on grind setting, Baratza encore has access to the all grind adjustment as well as manual grind settings while Capresso Infinity has no flexibility other than those 16 options. So Baratza Encore is the winner in this case.

Auto shut off System

If you see two of them, it’ll be somewhat difficult to compare as both are most alike. But Capresso gets one of the most important feature- a timer that automatically turns off when the time is complete. Mention that this auto off system is a matter of confusing to many of the users as you are to get accustomed to it.

Although Baratza Encore has easy on-off switch, It lacks that important automated timer function. Despite You can purchase Baratza Esatto, an accessory to add automatic shut off system to your grinder.

Choice: Though you have to pay extra money for auto shut off, it’ll make your grinder all round. So I give 5 star for Baratza encore.

Storage Capacity

Another important thing you can compare is about its storage unit. Generally Capresso includes the hopper that hold almost 8.8 oz of coffee bean with its 5 oz of ground capacity. While Baratza has the hopper capacity of 8 oz of beans with 5 oz of ground chamber.

Though Capresso Infinity wins in this case, Baratza is no better than capresso as it also add an hopper extender with which you can grind 9 oz of beans along with that 8 oz of bean capacity. just paying extra $ you grind like a champ!

Choice: It is a matter of spending extra money that can make your Baratza encore grinder extraordinary. If you don’t want, Capresso infinity is good as it is really made of for large quantity of coffee bean grind.

Build Quality

Baratza encore and Capresso Infinity has approximately no way so dissimilar in their build quality. Both are conical burr with metal body and plastic materials. Furthermore, Baratza and capresso are much affordable from the price point and much more better than any of your blade grinders.

Another important is that you can replace any parts of this two machines.

Choice: It’s very difficult to decide which is better for their build quality.

Quiet in Operation

Baratza is a little bit noisy and you find Capresso a very silent grinder while it is running.

Choice: Love Capresso Infinity for its so quite a operation.


It’s of no surprise that both Capresso and Baratza is under $200.Thats true as they come to the market considering all the coffee lovers’ demand. With more features and some extender Baratza encore is a very good low price grinder. But Capresso also wins in this point with some exclusive features.

Choice: In baratza encore vs capresso infinity,Capresso Infinity is the winner as the price is less than baratza Encore.


Both the grinders are smart looking. They also require a small footprint on your kitchen counter top. And more, Capresso has three more colour options-black, silver and stainless. Meanwhile Baratza gets only one black colour.

Choice: If color matters more to you Capresso offers you option. Otherwise Baratza is also modern with its black color.

Why Choose Capresso Infinity   

  1. Nice Grind for drip brew
  2. Very quiet grinder
  3. Strong Build-up

Reasons Not to Choose Capresso Infinity:   

  1. Needs everyday cleaning
  2. Unable to grind much fine for espresso

Why Choose Baratza  Encore

  1. Grinds very well for manual brew like pour-over,chemex, siphon, aeropress
  2. Less static cling

Reasons Not to Choose Baratza  Encore

  1. Not ideal grind for espresso and press poy
  2. Creates mess on the counter-top

The Verdict

Now lets have put a summery what we have compared on the basis of Baratza encore vs Capresso infinity. We found Capresso great for its large quality coffee grind, Storage unit, grinding speed, auto timer, least sound and the lowest price with quality burr. In contrast, Baratza Encore with its more settings, manual on-off switch, Esatto, Hopper extender, low price and some other essential extenders add this grinder to an exclusive look. At last I can tell Baratza Encore a overall winner.


Capresso Infinity Available on Amazon Baratza Encore Available on Amazon


Baratza Encore  vs  Capresso Infinity
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Baratza Encore vs Capresso Infinity
The most difference- baratza encore vs capresso infinity is in their grind setting. From the point of storage capacity, Auto shut off system, quiet grinding
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2 responses to “Baratza Encore vs Capresso Infinity

  1. Robp says:

    This reads more like an advertisement for Baratza than a true evaluation. I’ve owned both and still own the Infinity is stainless steel body. The Capresso grinds coarser grinds more uniformly than the Encore. The addition of a timer makes it that much better to also. Only neagative of Infinity is greater retention but a non issue for drip coffee and pour over of which this excels in vs espresso grinder.

    1. says:

      Thank you for your comment. I am glad that you got both of them. You are right, Capresso infinity is an excellent grinder with the good price. Comparing with this Baratza brand really makes it difficult which is better. Two of them has good features and multiple settings for different grind. So we have come to a conclusion by analyzing some good features, quality and customer reviews that most of them point to the Baratza Encore if you want to spend some dollar for all purpose grinder. Otherwise, Capresso must be your choice beyond doubt with the low budget.

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