Bodum bistro vs Capresso Infinity: Which one you need?

coffee grinder comparision bodum bistro vs capresso infinity
Comparison Review

Capresso  Infinity and Bodum Bistro-These two excellent entry level coffee grinders have nice compatibility with the price and various grind adjustments capable to  improve your home grinding in more advanced way.  Both of them highlights individual function, grind settings and qualities that make a little difference from each other. While Capresso Infinity  is mostly defined as the best budget coffee grinder for the coffee novice,  Bodum Bistro is also called a great coffee grinder for home use. You may find one of them better and it mostly depends on your preference to brew. First of all, have a look at their features with comparison that provide a clear difference between these two great products.

 Capresso Infinity with Bodum Bistro

Which one is your best grinder?

1.Grind set up

Capresso Infinity presents us 16 settings that grind your coffee bean from coarse to fine. Whereas Bodum bistro coffee grinder offers us 14 coarse to fine setup. This case Capresso has more option to let you grind for choice.

2.Brewing Style

Capresso is most popular for drip brew and French press as well as espresso, percolator and Turkish  while bodum bistro are also liked much for espresso,French press, Chemex, drip and any other brewing method. We mark it equal as both of them have almost same brewing style that is, suitable for any brewing method.

3. Grind Type

In fact, both bodum bistro and capresso infinity has same conical burr that grind much consistent.

4. Distinct Feature

Though both the grinder has auto timer option, bodum bistro has an advance with its another special feature that is slip-proof ground bean borocilicate glass catcher. This option makes bodum bistro an extra opportunity to be static-free grinder.

5. Hopper and Ground capacity

Capresso Infinity holds coffee bean more than bodum bistro. Capresso with 226g capacity for bean in upper container is better than bodum bistro’s 220g bean hopper capacity. On the other way, bodum bistro obtains better storage than capresso Infinity in the matter of ground bean holder. While Capresso has only 40 oz of ground capacity, bodum grinder wins with its 11 oz ground bean size.

6. Heaviness

Bodum bistro weighs 4.6 lbs and capresso weighs only 3 lbs. So it is clear that Capresso is much lighter than Bodum bistro

7. Quiet Grinder

Though all burr grinders are quiet enough while running, comparing between bodum bistro and capresso infinity , capresso is very famous for almost silent sound grinding. And bodum bistro is somewhat noisy in this matter.

8. Aesthetic

Both the grinder looks marvellous with different color options. But bodum bistro has 5 favourite colours and you’ll find Capresso infinity having two black or silver color. They two also leave a vert small pace on your counter top offering elegant look and both of them are known for low cost but quality home grinder.


Which should you purchase?

Capresso Infinity and Bodum bistro, these two grinders fulfills close to our demands. Yet we are trusting on Capresso infinity analyzing some reasons:

  • It has more 16 settings with consistent grind
  • Larger bean hopper capacity
  • Very quiet grinder
  • Much lighter

We always respect your preference while choosing a product. So we have featured more things for your consideration and give you a clear idea which one is really worth to buy.

Why Choose Capresso Infinity                        

        1. Excellent grind for drip brew

        2. Uniform and consistent grind

         3. Firm construction

Reasons Not to Choose Capresso Infinity:             

  1. Everyday cleaning required
  2. Not perfect for espresso grind

Why Choose Bodum Bistro:

     1. Consistent Grind in each grind settings
     2. Budget friendly
     3. Low static build-up

Reasons Not to Choose Bodum Bistro:

     1. 20 second timer only allows grind for one cup at a time
     2. Different grind settings unable to grind same amount
     3. Bean hopper and ground canister is not for storage
Bodum bistro vs Capresso Infinity: Which one you need?
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Bodum bistro vs Capresso Infinity: Which one you need?
bodum bistro vs capresso infinity- the good difference is grind settings, hopper capacity,ground capacity,weight,color and special features got one of them
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