Baratza encore vs virtuoso- Comparison, Features & Analysis

baratza encore vs virtuoso coffee grinder reviews
Comparison Review

The two choice from the same Baratza brand! Virtuoso and Encore- both have earned their fame for the solidly built high quality best value conical burr grinder. This well known top listed models of Baratza brand got their individual functions and features to work with slight differently. Which one will be your choice mostly depends on your most preferred brewing method and the budget. You may check their main features compared below:

Features: Baratza Encore & Baratza Virtuoso

1. Pulse button:

 Though Baratza encore and baratza virtuoso are almost similar in their feature, some difference they have with the same brand. The most similar option between them is pulse button. Both of Baratza grinder requires this feature that will aid you to grind and directly brew into your brewing busket. This is the most important feature to espresso lovers. In addition an extra virtuoso porta-filtar lets you a hands free grinding directly into espresso brewing basket.

Baratza Virtuoso Conical Burr Grinder


      Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinderbaratza encore pulse button

2. Bean hopper

Another feature is this two has large easily removable hopper that can usually hold about 8 oz of bean.

In addition, Baratza encore is coupled with extra 9 oz of hopper extension you can purchase with it if you wish. In the same way, virtuoso also has that option to buy that hopper extension.

3. High quality

What makes one of them low cost and another expensive is for quality parts build-up. Though Baratza virtuoso is a weight grinder rather than encore, it cannot be a main issue as virtuoso’ unit is built with heavy duty that is to say high quality burr grinder. On the opposite, Encore is an entry level low cost grinder for its cheap, plastic ingredient. Fortunately both grinders offer you an advantage to replace each of their parts If you order through Baratza. Our Top 10 coffee grinders reviews get you to offer best features of high quality and low cost coffee grinders online.

Video: Baratza Encore v. virtuoso Review

4. Timer

 The most important feature of virtuoso comparable with encore is an automatic max 60 seconds timer. Though encore lacks this valuable feature, there is an opportunity to purchase baratza esatto that can be attached to encore and transform this grinder a weight grinder.

virtuoso timer

Ultimately, the comparison is auto timer. while baratza virtuoso features auto shut off system, baratza has only manual on-off button but you can win in this case if you pickup baratza esatto.

 5. Timer knob

It is noteworthy most of the virtuoso users complain about the loose timer knob. The only positive side is that merely a scotch-tape can fix this issue.

6. Grind settings

 Baratza encore together with virtuoso gets similar 40 distinct grind settings. Simply rotating the hopper you can select your coveted setup. Furthermore, Baratza Encore is much popular for manual brew i.e. drip, siphon, aeropress etc  and Baratza Virtuoso’ fine to coarse setting much befitting to espresso and French pot together with other common manual brewing.

As a matter of fact, In Baratza encore vs virtuoso,you will not find these two grinders grind quality alike. Baratza virtuoso’s super class burrs make a difference producing excellent grind. But don’t think encore as merely a poor grinder. From its price point it does good job, but virtuoso does exceptional grind on this point.

virtuoso quality burr

7. Speed

 Baratza virtuoso grinds more uniform with its more grinding speed than baratza encore. Along with more powerful motor virtuoso grinds around 2 gram per second while the Encore grinds around 1 gram per second.

8. Price

It is important to realize that price varies between encore and virtuoso, though comes from the same Baratza brand. Being Baratza an entry level grinder, price range is within your reach. On the other hand, virtuoso somewhat high quality burr assure expensive one. Still some consumers will love encore to save extra. If they intend to cost much, why not give attention with the same price to other better ones than virtuoso. Henceforth, on this issue considering Baratza encore can be better choice.

9. Design

In the final analysis, design to some extent matters to most users. Almost same looking still has a remarkable variance. Both have same high quality plastic body when Baratza encore has only black plastic. What the specialty of Baratza virtuoso is its stainless steel top and base conferring you a compact and elegant look.

Why Choose Baratza Virtuoso

  1. Consistent grind in all grind settings even espresso
  2. Less quiet
  3. powerful DC motor keeps grinder cool while longer grinding
  4.  60 seconds timer for more grind at a time

Reasons Not to Choose Baratza Virtuoso

  1. Not for commercial use
  2. Messy while grinding into portafilter
  3. Issue with timer knob

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Why Choose Baratza  Encore

  1. Excellent grind for manual brew
  2. Less static
  3. Extension like Baratza esatto, large bean hopper available

Reasons Not to Choose Baratza  Encore

  1. Not good for coffee press and espresso grind
  2. Somewhat messy

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All things considered above, Baratza virtuoso wins the competition in comparable with Baratza Encore. Still You may like Baratza Encore as all options lays before you as same as Baratza virtuoso. And more, prices are considerably affordable. But if you want better grind and quality burrs, choosing virtuoso even for somewhat high price you may succeed.

Baratza Virtuoso Conical Burr Grinder


Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinderbaratza encore pulse button







Baratza encore vs virtuoso- Compare The Best One
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Baratza encore vs virtuoso- Compare The Best One
Baratza encore vs virtuoso the same baratza brand coffee grinder. Much similarity but some difference in their features make one of them an extra value.
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