Best Burr Coffee Grinder under 100

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best burr coffee grinder under 100

Thanks you are here!! Already you surfed much on the internet about coffee grinders and are well understood that a burr grinder makes a good difference than other types of them. True you are! definitely that would be a good fit for your every day coffee life.

And if you are reading this piece of writing, we do sure you are concerned to spend a lot for a grinder but finding out for an excellent one.

Don’t worry; we read your mind and so added to our list these 2 first-rate burr coffee grinders that cost you not much than $100. It was difficult though for picking up best grinders under 100 dollar through many other ones on the market but it’s a win-win!


  A Great Grinder For Home Use  

1. Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder


      Grind Settings: 14    ¦  Grinding Speed: 720 RPM    ¦    Hopper Capacity: 7.8 oz.

   Ground Capacity: 11 oz  ¦  Material: Stainless steel  ¦  Power: 120 V

The Main Advantages of Bodum Bistro

  • Consistent grind in all settings
  • Affordable
  • Less Quiet
  • Low static

The Issues With Bodum Bistro

  • 20 seconds grind timer( an issue for grinding more coffee at a time)
  • Hopper and glass catcher is not meant for storage
  • Different amount of grounds on the same settings ( depends on timer )

The best thing about the Bodum bistro grinder is its anti-static borosilicate glass catcher. When you use Bodum Bistro, You’ll notice that coffee grounds do not cling much to the surface, which is a good point for a grinder. Another useful feature of this grinder is that it’s easier to use and so simple that you couldn’t but agree with me. Like other burrs, the Bodum Bistro grinder is less noisy. However, This little Bodum Bistro burr grinds consistent with its 14 grind settings from coarse to fine.

So you get this grinder goes fine with any of your favorite coffee brewing styles. And what the more you get, Bodum Bistro offers five different color choices. So, if you are bored with conventional black color, now you can merely decor your kitchen or countertop with your favorite color. We always recommend this beautiful product for those who want a quality home grinder at a comfortable price. Read Our Full Review

Best For

  • Bodum bistro is great gems for your home use, compatible with the price, and subtle even grinds in all settings. Even espresso grinds at times go well with dark roasted beans.

Not Ideal

  • It will be unwise to buy this grinder if you regularly grind more coffee for a gang at a time but excellent for personal use or family.

  Best Inexpensive Conical Burr Mill With variety of Features  

2. Cuisinart CBM-18N Programmable Conical Burr Mill 


      Grind Settings: 18 ¦    Hopper Capacity: 8 oz ¦ Cup Selector: 1-14 cups 

  Material: man-made material  ¦  Power: 120 V

The Main Advantages of Cuisinart CBM-18N

  • Conical burrs result in uniform grinding
  • Good interface with high quality LCD display
  • Best for french press, auto drip and espresso
  • The cup selector option is best for precise amount of coffee
  • Manual grind option let you grind manually
  • Cleaning is easy

The Issues With Cuisinart CBM-18N

  • Coffee dust creates a mess
  • Low number of cup selection
  • Need to hold the grinder while running

Cuisinart programmable burr grinder delivers you uniform grinding with the full flavor of coffee beans. Its’ 18 grind selector is great if you use them for auto drip, French press, or espresso machine. However, The Cuisinart cbm-18n includes the cup selector option that maintains the number of cups of coffee beans you choose for grinding at a time. Besides, it has another exciting feature– an LCD that lets you show the timer, number of cups you desired and chosen grind setting. Though the Cuisinart CBM-18n grinder is fully automatic, It has a manual grind system so that you can also grind manually. Overall, the Cuisinart cbm- 18n is one of the best conical burr mills you get under $100! Read Our Full Review

Best for

  • Cuisinart 18N is the right choice for single-cup brewing, and the 1-14 cup selection allows you to choose to grind for a minimum of 1 cup brewing. The attractive interface, different grinds for a variety of tastes, and the low price make this Cuisinart grinder excellent product for home use.

Not Ideal

  • If you often grind for more cups…more than 14, the grinder is unable to serve this feature. In this case, you may look for Cuisinart DBM-8 that is ready to offer you to grind for more cups at a time.

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