Best Coffee Grinder under 50

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best coffee grinder under 50

How much does a coffee grinder cost? the answer is actually it depends.. the manual coffee grinder costs you less whereas burr grinders are somewhat pricy, a good few of those are less expensive though. it worth buying a coffee grinder? Here some frequently asked questions answered below. Definitely you’ll win your answer!

Ans> If you are planning to own a grinder, meaning that you love to have a super-fresh aromatic flavor in your favorite coffee each time ; So it’s worth buying a good one right away.

Is a burr grinder really worth it?

Ans>Here suggesting a quality burr grinder will save your day! Choosing a manual grinder may save you a fortune, but needs more time and manual labor for sure [if you don’t mind].

Why is coffee grinder so expensive?

Ans> With a decent budget, you can have a good burr grinder costing you around $100, but if you are first time user or on a tight budget, there you may get some under $50 serving you a smart grinding and comfort at home.

Can I use blender to grind coffee beans?

Often we hear most asked question by a coffee novice is that if he can use a blender to grind coffee bean. Our answer is simple; a blender, in fact, doesn’t grind but combines substances in it; So it is unwise to think that a blender can perform the same task as a grinder can, but still there is a way always. Keeping in mind this question, we find out a good electric spice & coffee grinder and added to our list, to relieve your concern.

 The Most Affordable Coffee Grinder for Drip Brew 

1. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill



       Grind Settings: 18 ¦  Grinding Speed: 450 RPM ¦ Hopper Capacity: 8 oz 

        Cup Selector: 4-18 ¦ Material: Stainless Steel ¦  Power: 110v 

The Main Advantages of Cuisinart DBM-8

  • Best grind for drip brew
  • Regular use
  • Automatic grinder
  • Able to grinds for loads of cups

The Issues with Cuisinart DBM-8

  • Regular cleaning
  • Clogging issue
  • Noisy
  • Inconsistent grind in other settings except drip brew
  • Short power cord

This Cuisinart Dbm-8 comes from the same Cuisinart brand mentioned above for Cuisinart cbm-18n. Two have the same features with a slight difference. If you often grind more than one cup, the Cuisinart dbm-8 is an ideal choice. You can set the amount on its slide dial that starts from 4 to 18 cups. Like dbm-18, it gets the same 18 grind selector for medium, coarse and fine grinds. Though it’s fine grind setting is not so perfect for espresso or Turkish, it will surely gain your satisfaction if you are a drip coffee lover.

All the burr grinders always grind consistently. DBM-8 is no exception in this matter and offers relatively uniform ground coffee with a sweet aroma and good taste. However, It can be your first collection if you are a novice about the coffee grinder world. Excellent quality and great value for the small price grinder. Read Full Review

Best For

  • The Cuisinart DBM-8 grinds coffee beans perfect for the regular use in the drip brewer. So it is a fine burr grinder for drip lovers with unexpected low price. Another convenience of this DBM-8 is it can grind for more than one cup at a time. So at the time of family gatherings or a coffee party, Cuisinart is really a helping hand.

Not Ideal

  • As it is mentioned above, this Cuisinart DBM-8 is unable to offer uniform grind in the coarsest or fine settings. So, espresso or french press do not go well with it but works fine with drip brew or pour-over.

 Best Versatile Home Grinder for the Lowest price 

2. Krups F2037051 Electric Spice & Coffee Grinder


        Grinding Speed: 400 RPM ¦ Hopper Capacity: 8 oz ¦ Ground Capacity: 3 ounce

 Material: plastic  ¦ Blade: Stainless Steel¦ Power: 120V 

The Main Advantages of Krups F2037051

  • Versatile grinder(coffee and spices)
  • Small shaped
  • Excellent retention
  • More uniform grounds coffee comparing other blade grinders
  • Less costly
  • Portable

The Issues with Krups F2037051

  • A little hard to clean
  • Sometimes releases severe smells
  • Certainly not for espresso grinds

If you want your coffee grinder works for both purposes-coffee grind and also spices grind, Krups f2037051 is an excellent choice. You will love its small size, oval design, and consistent grinding. Some people prefer this grinder for it grinds more quickly than other blade grinders. Besides, It is easy to take anywhere with you whenever you need it, and it holds a small space on your counter. For its oval-shaped design, you can quickly pour your ground coffee or powder spices. Finally, this fantastic multipurpose Krups grinder is your best way to save money from buying another grinder for spices, nuts, or grains. Read Full Review

Best For

  • This Krups, versatile mill is a lovely device for your kitchen. Having a kitchen appliance that is easily able to grind both for coffee and spices is a plus point for any coffee lovers who wish to start their grinding experience. The other lovely features like relatively uniform grinds than other blade grinders, portability as well as very low cost may be able to attract attention in the coffee world.

Not Ideal

  • Do not think the Krups grinder grinds the same uniform way as burr grinders. However, it is a blade grinder and not able to grind most like any burr one. When you wish to purchase this excellent versatile grinder, we hope you will understand that this is unable to grind fine for espresso.

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