What’s the Best Coffee Grinder for Home?

Best Coffee Grinder for Home
Coffee Grinder Guide

A Freshly ground coffee retains the pure flavor, while with pre-ground coffee beans, you cannot find that the same. However, for the quick grind, a sturdy burr electric grinder is all in all the champion as we have a shortage of time but afraid of returning to the old habit of having lousy coffee made up from purchased ground beans. So, when you are serious about home-grinding, we always keep forward Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder as the best coffee grinder for home. Moreover, if you are looking for another option, the Breville Smart Grinder is right for those espresso lovers, while Baratza Encore is worthy of manual brew.

  Best Value Conical Burr Grinder For Manual Brew  

1. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder


      Grind Settings: 40     ¦  Grinding Speed: 450 RPM    ¦    Hopper Capacity:  8 oz

Ground Capacity: 5 oz  ¦  Material: Stainless steel  ¦  Power: 110 V

The Main Advantages of Baratza Encore

  • Perfect consistency for manual brew
  • Solid burr
  • Less static
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean

The Issues With Baratza Encore

  • No timer ( only on-off switch)
  • A bit messy
  • Inconsistent grind for coffee press and espresso

Super conical burr grinder! You can use Baratza Encore for both manual brewing and espresso. If you like most new popular brewing e.g., pour-over, siphon, Chemex, Aeropress, you should get this. A bit louder than other burr grinders but much less than blade one. Furthermore, Baratza encore has accessible 40 grind settings that make your coffee bean grind from fine to coarse. Besides, its front-mounted pulse button is excellent for direct brewing. What the nice addition you get from Baratza burr is a Digital pocket scale and a dusting brush. They’ll probably aid you in measuring beans rightly and to clean after the grind. In fine, Baratza encore is a perfect product for the price. So, it is a win! Read Our Full Review  

Best For

  • Baratza Encore grind settings work excellent for a manual brew like a drip, siphon, Aeropress, etc. It is an upgraded burr grinder you will hardly find at a low price.

Not Ideal

  • You will not like this Baratza grinder for espresso though it has that grind setting. For its incapability for fine grinding very well, we do not like to recommend it for good espresso.

 One of the Best Burr Coffee Grinders worth the Money 

2. Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder

Color: silver/black sesame/cranberry red


       Grind Settings: 25 ¦  BPA Free: Yes  ¦ Hopper Capacity: 1 pound 

        Material: Brushed Stainless Steel ¦  Power: 110v 

The Main Advantages of Breville BCG800XL

  • Easy to use
  • smart looking
  • Grinds from coarse to fine
  • Less static
  • Grind directly into portafilter
  • Hands free grinding
  • Automatic dosing IQ technology sets right amount of grind in each setting
  • Manual adjustment for the amount of grind
  • LCD display
  • Air tight bean hopper
  • Easy storage

The Issues with Breville BCG800XL

  • Lots of maintenance
  • burrs jammed with oily bean

What the smartest feature the Breville smart grinder gets is its auto dosing IQ technology. You can just choose your grind, and This IQ system automatically selects the dose of ground coffee. So you need not worry anymore about the precise amount of freshly ground coffee beans. Besides, this Breville conical burr offers 25 grind settings. If you are a French press lover or like to have drip, percolator, or espresso coffee preparation for your perfect cup, now choosing any setting is easier. It also gives you an easy hands-free direct grinding, for it got two portafilters cradle-one large and another small one.

Another nice option for this amazing grinder is it’s 1- pound capacity easily removable bean hopper with an airtight seal. You will also love the handsome LCD screen where you can comfortably look and select grind settings, amount of coffee beans, and several cups or shots. The Breville BCG800X has three color option-silver, black and red. You can get this very smart grinder for a smart price. Read More Review

Best for

  • The unique grind settings with the number of espresso shots and superior technology put the Breville grinder really in a smart place among the coffee fans. Though a bit pricey, this Breville Grinder is considered to be a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy his coffee smartly.

Not Ideal

  • Breville BCG800XL requires lots of frequent maintenance and a bit of technical in operation that may seem to be confusing for the novice.

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