Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Coffee Grinder

best commercial coffee grinder for coffee business
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People are attracted to café houses because they love caffeine. Nowadays, coffee shops are extremely popular as a meeting place. They provide a place where everyone can get their favorite coffee and see their friends often.

Owning a profitable coffee shop business is a very appealing idea for many entrepreneurs. However, it is a competitive venture taking into consideration that good coffee seems to be available in every restaurant and store in places where foot traffic is high. It won’t be easy to get noticed because there are already many established specialty coffee shops and well-known chains. But starting with the proper tools can boost the possibility that the coffee you serve will gain popularity among local consumers. Also, adding some healthy snacks to the menu with coffee will make your customers love your coffee shop. Check this fitness & recipe blog for more information on healthy snacks.

One of the most important pieces of equipment that you need to start a coffee shop is a commercial coffee grinder. Beans that are pre-grounded can stale very quickly. Moreover, their particle size and consistency are not right for producing amazing coffee that consumers will love.

Purchasing the best commercial coffee grinder requires consideration of its effect on the coffee and its suitability in a commercial setting.

Producing Great Tasting Coffee

The way the beans are ground affects how quickly the liquid is taken out, and using the proper extraction rate is crucial to a great cup of coffee.

A very finely ground coffee will make extraction very slow and collect bitter oils from the coffee bean, but a rapid extraction will produce an undrinkable coffee.

There are three things you should look for in a commercial bean grinder to make a great tasting coffee.

There are three things you should look for in a commercial bean grinder to make a great tasting coffee.

  1. It has an airtight grinder hopper that stores coffee beans. The freshly ground beans should be used within 45 seconds to make an excellent coffee.
  2. It produces ground coffee with the right consistency. This can easily be done through a commercial coffee grinder because its settings allow a barista to choose how coarse or fine the beans will be.

Grinders have two different dialing styles: stepped and stepless. A stepless dial comes with a precise fine-tuning and will, consequently, make great coffee.

 3. It grinds coffee beans without overheating. The machine has to be placid  on the beans. A grinder works by crushing coffee beans between two pieces of burrs, but this method can generate heat that severely affects the coffee’s taste, mainly if the mill is used non-stop in a coffee shop.

Thus, a burr size with a sizable surface area produces ground beans in high quantities without exposing them to high heat.

Choosing the Best Commercial Coffee Grinder

It would help if you had a good quality grinder in your shop, but it may not be that simple to decide which one is the right kind. For example, what size of mill or type of burrs should you choose?

When choosing a commercial coffee bean grinder, you need to determine the type of store you operate and then estimate how many cups of coffee you are likely to sell daily. Based on the data provided by Coffee Statistics, the average sales of café bars per day are 230 cups. But this number can vary depending on the store’s size, location, etc.

After you have established the estimated number of customers you expect, you can begin the process of choosing the grinder for your espresso machine. For a small size donut shop or bakery, the high-end Mazzer Mini is ideal for making up to 50 cups per day. Mazzer Mini has a 58mm flat steel grinding burr. For a slightly bigger store that serves up to 200 drinks per day, you may want to buy a reliable and large commercial espresso machine like a Nuova Simonelli Appia, which you could match up with the stepless espresso grinder Mazzer Super Jolly.

By choosing a machine with bigger burrs, the waiting time to get an espresso shot is reduced. Using a smaller machine like the 58mm burr-set Mazzer Mini is going to take between 8 and 10 seconds to get a double shot, whereas using a 64mm burr-set Mazzer Super Jolly will take only 6 seconds. Therefore, if you operate a small size café, smaller burrs will be alright because you won’t be serving as many people at a time. But it won’t be a good idea to pick a smaller machine if you serve about 150 people daily because it won’t be fast enough.

If the size of your coffee shop is somewhere in between, you may want to buy a commercial doser grinder. This machine can produce multiple drinks right away by grinding the beans for them and then collecting the ground beans into a container.

It is also worth noting that there is a certain limit to the number of drinks that a burr-set grinder can make per day.

  • 58mm – 75 cups
  • 64-65mm – 200 cups
  • 83mm – 300 cups

To serve about 300 drinks a day at a fast pace, you may want to use a Mazzer Major Espresso Grinder and Doser as your best commercial coffee grinder.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial Coffee Grinder
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Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial Coffee Grinder
These tips for choosing the best commercial coffee grinder make you decide the right coffee grinder for any coffee shop or commercial use especially for espresso grind.

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