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Making coffee in French press is less messy and comfortable than other coffee brews. Though some wrong type brew can destroy your coffee taste and that turns into almost bitter.

Coffee Grind:

Coarse ground coffee is best for French press making. If ground coffee is finer, you will feel excessive force to lower the plunger. Again it becomes over-extract and at last bitter taste is not worth drinking. We will use Bodum Bistro electric coffee grinder for a coarser grind. All types of grind are suitable in this Bodum grinder.

Coffee maker:

Coffee maker selection for the French press is somewhat crucial. However, our choice is a Kona French press coffee maker able to prepare coffee for 8 cups. We get the best quality carafe and stainless steel inside the coffee maker. Above all, it is most easy to use even if you are a newbie!!


  1. Freshly roasted coffee bean
  2. Measuring Spoon/chopstick
  3. Bodum Bistro coffee grinder
  4. POUR OVER Coffee Kettle
  5. SterlingPro French Coffee Press
  6. Timer

Process: How to make coffee in a french press:

use aFrench press for coffee beverage

We will make 4 cups of French press coffee. So take 5 tablespoons of coffee and 400gm water. In fact, you need to follow coffee to water ratio 1:15(some find 1:10 ratio works great! experiment is yours!) That is 1 g of coffee is for 15gm of water.

  1. Measure 400 grams of water and start boiling.
  2. Preheat, the coffee maker with a plunger
  3. Grind coarser most like kosher salt in a coffee grinder
  4. Put the coffee into the press; shake the maker to arrange ground coffee properly.
  5. When the water starts boiling, take it off and keep it for 20 seconds and then pour water into the ground coffee in a circular motion so that the press is half full. Make sure all the grounds are wet properly.
  6. Here take the timer and set it to 4 minutes. In 30 seconds, stir the grounds gently with a chopstick in the press. You will see the bloom of bubbles for some dry grounds. Add the rest of the water and place the plunger, but do not push the plunger this moment cause your 4 minutes is not yet over.
  7. After the time is over, push the plunger down slowly and immediately serve. Enjoy!
Warning! Do not leave the coffee brew in the press after You have made all the process I mean after pushing plunger, do not wait to serve. Do it just that moment otherwise it will become over-extract and give you bitter taste.

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