How to Use a Percolator to Make Coffee

how to use a percolator to make coffee
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With the two types of coffee maker – electric and non-electric or stovetop percolator, you can make coffee. Stovetop percolator is basically used in camping or if you have a gas stove at your home.

A Percolator is a pot consisting of a chamber at the bottom, a plumb tube, a percolated chamber, or a filter basket on the tube-here the ground coffee is kept. While boiling water in the pot, water is forced to go up the tube over the grounds and goes back, and the process continues until the coffee is prepared.

Coffee type for percolator:

In a percolator, coffee becomes over-extracted for boiling several times, and so the taste feels bitter. So choose smooth and low acidic coffee. The medium roasted coffee bean is best for percolator as light roast may lose subtleties while boiling, and dark roast will bitter your coffee for several boiling processes.

Grind Size For Percolator:

To make coffee in a percolator, grind coffee beans in coarse. Some also say that even coarser grind is suitable for percolator. We choose Breville smart coffee grinder for smart grind choice.

Percolator Coffee Maker:

While purchasing a Percolator coffee maker, make sure that you do not buy aluminum pots because aluminum components may leach in your coffee. So instead, using a stovetop stainless steel coffee maker with a glass bubble on the handle will be helpful.

Method [Percolator]:

  1. Before use clean properly, all the components of your percolator with dish washing liquid, hot water, and you can use a long brush or pipe cleaner to clean the inside of the coffee maker.
  2. Pour the normal fresh and filtered water in the pot. The amount of water should be below the top chamber.
  3. Fit the tube and chamber properly, pour coffee grounds in the chamber (the amount is one tablespoon per cup), and place it in the pot. Tightly put the cover of the ground basket and right place the lid on the pot.
  4. Place the percolator on the stove ( if you use stovetop percolator at camping or if you use electric percolator). On a stovetop percolator, the heat should be low. when the hot water hits the glass bubble on the top, and it is parked, turn the heat down. [ the general water temperature for percolator is 195-200 degree F. on electric percolator, it will automatically stop the heat while it is perked]
  5. Park time 3-7 minutes is best and then remove the pot immediately from the heat source and let it sit for some time for sinking the loose grounds to the bottom.
  6. Your percolator is ready! Pour your coffee, add sugar and cream as your wish and enjoy!

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