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Iced coffee is brewed with hot water as usual with other coffee preparation methods, and chill it pouring ice over it. What I said earlier that iced coffee is not cold brew coffee. It requires a different process, and in the taste, you will also feel a difference. When cold brew coffee is brewed at room temperature, iced coffee is prepared with hot water and then cools it.

Furthermore, the time for making cold brew is too long, where iced coffee is a quick brew process. In fact, iced coffee can be made in various ways, depending on your taste. The cold brew process is one kind of iced coffee preparation. But not all iced coffee is equipped through the cold brew method. Hope that you are clear of the difference between them. Well, we will show you how to make coffee. I mean some iced coffee making process.

How To make iced coffee Fast

Basic Iced Coffee:

In basic iced coffee, make a tall glass of coffee with a coffee maker, as usual, you make with the hot water-same process. Add sugar in hot brew coffee and then mix some ice cubes with the hot coffee to cool it down. But if you want a cooler, leave the coffee with ice for 15 minutes at room temperature and then keep it in your fridge. You can also do this whole process in your drip coffee brewer or get Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot or Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Instead of a glass or cup when you need more coffee to drink. Next, if you need more ice, add to your coffee. You may also add cream or milk and sugar if you wish. Taste it and sip the glass before the ice cube melts.

Instant Iced coffee:

Load a glass with 400 grams of ground coffee and one tablespoon of sugar. Boil the water and add 5/5 tablespoon of hot water to the mixture of coffee and sugar… stir the mixture with water so that it dissolved correctly in the water. It will seem strong coffee, but when you add ice, it will be less stronger-do, not worry. Here now add a couple of ice cubes in the mixture and stir. The ice cubes will be starting to melt. Now add more ice cubes. If you prefer light iced coffee, add a few ice cubes and if you choose regular iced coffee, add ice cubes until it almost fills the glass. The ice cubes will start melting now. Then add cream half and half. If you need lighter iced coffee, you can add some cold water to it. And stir the beverage and take it for a drink!

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