Which are the Products You Should Never Mix While Cleaning at Home

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Often, when you are engaged in cleaning, it isn’t easy to satisfy just one product. Stubborn stains bring you to despair and reach for any preparation you can find at home. However, this is not always a good and safe idea. Even if the products are not dangerous and toxic, you can never be sure which reaction will cause their mixing. Therefore, do not play a chemist, always read the labels on the packaging, and never mix the following products:

Drain cleaner + Drain cleaner

It is not advisable to mix two different products or use them one after the other. These preparations have dangerous ingredients, which, when combined, can even lead to an explosion. Instead, use only one of your available products by following the instructions. If there is no result, we advise you to contact a plumber

Oxygen Water + Vinegar

You may have heard that it is recommended to clean the home counter with a mixture of oxygen and vinegar. While experts say it is safe, these two products should not be mixed in one container. Combining them creates per-acetic acid, which is potentially toxic and can irritate the skin, eyes, and respiratory system.

Bleach + Vinegar

Although the combination of both sounds like a demand for a powerful disinfectant, mixing is prohibited. Together, bleach and vinegar form chlorine gas, which, even in small quantities, can cause breathing problems, coughing, burns, and watery eyes.

Bellina mixed with ammonia forms a toxic gas called chloramine. It leads to the same side effects as combining bleach with vinegar, and besides, it causes breathlessness and chest pain.

Bleach + Alcohol

You’ve probably heard about chloroform – the substance that movie hijackers use to catch their victims. Although it probably will not make you faint, this combination can be toxic and irritating.

Let it be your home cleaning rule not to mix bleach with anything other than plain water. Even toilet or window cleaners may contain ammonia or acid in their composition, which, as noted above, should not be combined with bleach.

It is better to not risk your health with experiments and call a professional cleaner. West London end of tenancy cleaners is a good option.

Which are the Products You Should Never Mix While Cleaning at Home
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Which are the Products You Should Never Mix While Cleaning at Home
Your everyday home cleaning products may sometimes be harmful. You should never mix the products we mention here.

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