How to Brew Coffee While Camping?

how to brew coffee while camping

7 Best Ways to Make Coffee When Camping

Adventure sporting and camping is not exactly for everyone. You need to have the heart and mind pouring out for the adventure that is involved in the camping activity. How can one forget coffee when it comes to camping?

Yes, coffee is the lifeblood for the campers. You will be ready to stay away from all the “good things” that the social life has offered us, but not coffee – right? But, how would we brew coffee while camping? We present a few great ways to brew coffee while camping.

How to Brew Coffee:

Brewing coffee in the wild is not easy as it would appear to be when you are in a civilized world. However, there are a few methods that can be used effectively. Do note that we have listed the methods that are light and simple to follow and a few that are a little complicated. Lets us check out all of them.

The Instant Coffee

That’s probably the easiest methods among all. Just carry instant coffee in your backpack and you are good to go.

The method can be the best when you are trying to save space. This can be the great option while you are into bikepacking or backpacking. The procedure would be quite simple – just add the instant coffee to a cup and add boiling water! Wait a little, stir and drink it. The exact instructions would vary for each brand though.

Pour-Over Stand

If you are interested in reducing the cost per user, then this can be one of the best methods to use. You can opt for Pour -over stands that are made for keeping the campers in view and are lightweight.

This method can be quite simple and easy to use for a group of five campers. Wrap the coffee in paper or cloth, keep it in the stand and keep it on your cup. Pour hot boiling water. Make sure the water or the coffee does not spill off.

Moka Pot

The Moka Pot comes with its own metal filter basket, thus reducing the need for additional filters. This can be the right way to enjoy Italian style coffee.

The Pot has a reservoir at the bottom, a filter for coffee grounds and a coffee carafe. You just need to fill the bottom with water and heat it on the stove. The water boils and steams the coffee and your coffee is ready at the top. You can find reviews of Moka Pot and coffee maker on various website like The Home Makers Journal which identifies the best-selling machine on the market.

Cowboy Coffee

This is the simplest method for brewing coffee while camping. It doesn’t need any equipment.

Add coffee to hot water and boil it. As simple as that. It can suit any size of the group. It can also suit you if you have forgotten your coffee gear at home. You may use several methods to brew ie. Clean Cup method, Sink down Method and Scoop Top Method. Ensure you are using fine grounds.

Aero Press

A perfect combination of a host of methods like pour over, French press and a host of them. It is a good option for car packing and a group of up to four.

The method is similar to the pour over method we have used before but involves a press instead of pouring. You can use either top-down or inverted press options for an effective brewing. Make sure you are using fine espresso grounds when using AeroPress technique.

Cold Brew Extract

If you are camping in summers and the temperature is too high, cold coffee is the right answer. Instead of carrying a bottle of cold coffee is not recommended because of the weight involved.

How about Cold Brew Extract? Carry concentrated brew of cold coffee. Just add the recommended amount of water to the concentrate and have a blast! The instructions will vary on the concentration of the extract and personal preferences. Can be the best bet if you have access to ice.

French Press

French Press can be the excellent way to brew coffee while camping. But make sure not to opt for glass made Press which may not be suitable for rough and tough living in the woods.

If you are looking for the simplest method that produces rich brew, here is the right choice for you. And yes, you will need coarse grounds for using this method effectively. The method is almost similar to the Aero Press method we discussed above. It involves filling the bottom with coffee grounds, sprinkling water to degas, filling the container with water and then press the plunger.

The Final Thoughts

Well, camping in the woods need not take the best experience of your life – a great cup of coffee! We assume the tips and methods we featured above should go a long way in letting you enjoy your share of coffee just as you would do when you wake up at your home.

Just let us know which of these methods you liked the most. And share us with your campmates.



How to Brew coffee while Camping?
Article Name
How to Brew coffee while Camping?
coffee is the lifeblood for the campers. You will be ready to stay away from all the “good things” that the social life has offered us, but not coffee – right? But, how would we brew coffee while camping? We present a few great ways to brew coffee while camping.

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